What is Powerlifting Training?

Powerlifting Training Fife

What is Powerlifting Training?

Powerlifting is a strength sport that focuses on maximal strength in three functional compound movements: the squat, the bench press, and the Deadlift.

Thinking of Competing in Powerlifting? 

If you are considering competing for the first time, attend a local competition as a spectator or volunteer. Spectating or volunteering will give you a better understanding of what is involved in competition. Scottish Powerlifting is a great place to start gathering information. Find yourself a coach who is familiar with powerlifting/strength training and seek advice from fellow powerlifters. Powerlifting is an individual sport, but the community is very supportive, and everyone has been a beginner. During competition, you will have three attempts on each lift, and your best three lifts will determine your total weight lifted. You must wear IPF approved kit when competing; there are technical rules on each lift that you must follow to satisfy the three referees watching your lifts. Powerlifting has different age and weight categories, starting as young as 14 and going to over 70. You are always young enough to start powerlifting; lifting weights has many health benefits. 

The Commands for each Lift are:

Squat: The lift starts with the lifter standing erect and the bar loaded with weights resting on the lifter’s shoulders. At the referee’s command, the lift begins. The lifter bends his knees and lowers him into a squatting position with the hips slightly below the parallel position. The lifter returns to an erect position. At the referee’s command, the bar is returned to the rack, and the lift is completed.

Bench: With their back resting on the bench, the lifter takes the loaded bar at arm’s length. The powerlifter lowers the bar to the chest at the referee’s command. The bar must be motionless on the chest until the referee gives the “press” signal. The powerlifter pushes the weight until the arms are straight and the elbows are locked. Then, the referee will call ‘rack, ‘ and the lift is completed as the weight is returned to the rack.

Deadlift: The deadlift is often described as the king of the powerlifting disciplines. In the deadlift, the athlete grasps the loaded bar resting on the platform floor. The powerlifter pulls the weights off the floor and assumes an erect standing position. Knees must be locked, and shoulders must be back, with the weight held in the lifter’s grip. At the referee’s command, the bar will be returned to the floor under the lifter’s control.

In Summary  – Powerlifting Training in Fife

To sum up, powerlifting is a great way to get mentally and physically strong. Lifting weights has many long-term health benefits. It’s a great community to join, making lifelong friendships with like-minded, strong, healthy, happy people. Remember you can always ask for advice from our personal training team in Dunfermline Gym, Kirkcaldy Gym & Glenrothes Gym. We will be more than happy to help guide you on your powerlifting journey.