First Gym In The UK To Launch New Les Mills Classes

Les Mills Classes

Get ready to get much much more from group fitness at Gym 64 in 2024, as we launch Les Mills Classes – Ceremony and Conquer!

This is a boutique class experience all at the G64 price!

Creativity, innovation, and practicality combined to bring a blockbuster boutique experience to our Fife gyms. The one fitness fans cannot resist.

We believe that at Gym 64, this is the next step in our group fitness offering. It complements our class timetables to give our members the best experience possible. We are ahead of the game not only in Fife but also in the UK, always improving, improvising, and staying up to date with the fitness industry.

We are super proud to be one of the first clubs to launch new Les Mills Classes in the UK!

Les Mills Ceremony

Get the results of strength, athleticism, and balance!

Les Mills Ceremony is a 45-minute functional training resistance-based workout focused on full body strength, cardio, and conditioning. This program uses a range of equipment stations and incorporates explosive exercises, balance, and coordination drills.

Ceremony begins with a focused warm-up integrating movement patterns to prepare the body and mind for the session. The group will then be broken into working stations, and your instructor will take you through each equipment station, explaining and demonstrating the exercises you will be doing for both higher and lower intensity. The group will work through their equipment stations, motivated by music, coaching, and each other. Expect a supportive environment, variety, clear guidance, and an accessible, but athletic whole-body workout designed around natural human movement.

This class will be coming to Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, and Glenrothes!

Read more about Ceremony at

First in the UK for Les Mills Conquer

Get the results of strength and empowerment!

Are you ready for your next fitness challenge? Les Mills Conquer is a 45-minute high-intensity boxing conditioning workout that is structured like a boxing match. This workout will keep you on your toes as you move between treadmills, punching, and resistance-based rounds of work.

Conquer begins with a dynamic warm-up and ‘learn the punches’ section. Here, our instructor will explain and demonstrate the different punches that will be used in the class. It is kept simple so all levels of fitness can participate.

Participants will then be broken up into 3 groups and move to their first station, either treadmills, floor, or boxing bags.

Throughout the workout, the coach and screens will give you clear instructions on the movements for each station, and the class will rotate through the 3 stations, finishing with a cool down and stretch.

Get ready for a fun, high-energy, high-motivation boxing conditioning workout in our main studio at our Gym in Kirkcaldy! Read more about Conquer at

Les Mills Ceremony and Conquer are both 45-minute classes – the perfect fit for your schedule. Book now in Fitsense.