Staying Motivated at the Gym

Gym Motivation

Are you holding onto those New Years Resolutions in February?

January has come and gone, and you’ve made the positive decision to join a gym. You were all about those “New Year, New Me” resolutions, feeling motivated and full of good intentions. But now, February has arrived, and those good intentions and that newfound enthusiasm is gradually fading. Fear not, the squad at Gym64 have got your back with a light-hearted guide that’ll help you stay motivated and make it through February (and beyond) with a smile on your face.

1. Embrace the Quirks:

Let’s be real; gym life can come with a fair share of nonsense. Whether you are that person in the fitness class with no coordination, you’re going in one direction as the rest of the class go the other, or you have braved a yoga class only to realise just how truly stecky you are, or you let out a questionable grunt whilst lifting, one that echoes through the gym, there’s plenty of room for laughter. Instead of being embarrassed or annoyed, embrace these quirks as reminders that we’re all in this together. We truly embrace these funny little quirks at Gym64.

2. Find a Wee Gym Pal:

One of the keys to gym success is having a supportive gym pal. Having someone to share the wins, the fails and the awkward moments with can make your fitness journey much more enjoyable. Plus, gym buddies provide that extra layer of accountability, ensuring you both stay motivated and committed to your goals, especially on those cold mornings when you want to snooze your alarm or the hard evenings after a long day at work.

3. Set Goals and Celebrate the little wins:

Celebrate the little wins! Instead of fixating solely on the end goal, divide your fitness journey into achievable mini goals. Whether it’s completing a programme, adding an extra rep, getting your first box jump or successfully mastering a new skill, acknowledge these milestones. The team at Gym64 can help you to devise a plan and set these realistic mini goals to help you reach your end goal. And don’t forget to reward yourself too! Treat yourself to some new gym gear or relax with a well-earned massage to recharge.

4. Shake Up Your Routine:

Boredom can easily creep in when you’re stuck in a fitness rut. Keep things fresh and exciting by regularly mixing up your workout routine/Programme. Try a new class, experiment with different machines, or even pick up a new physical activity/hobby outside the gym. By keeping your exercise regimen diverse and engaging, you’ll be more likely to stay motivated.

5. Have a Laugh:

Laughter is the best medicine, even when it comes to fitness. Whether its watching hilarious gym fail reels or sharing funny gym stories with your friends, find ways to incorporate humour into your fitness journey, That includes laughing at your own fails! Remember, a good laugh can instantly boost your mood, making workouts feel less like a chore and more like a fun-filled habit.

6. Track Your Progress:

When motivation fades, it can be easy to overlook how far you’ve come. Don’t let the short-term setbacks dim your long-term achievements. Keep a record of your progress, whether it’s through progress photos, a fitness journal, or a tracking app. Witnessing the positive changes in your strength and endurance can reignite that fire within you and propel you through February and beyond.


Don’t let February cast a shadow on your journey to a healthier you. Embrace the quirks, find a gym pal, celebrate the little wins, shake up your routine, have a laugh, and track your progress. Remember, staying motivated is as much about finding joy in the process as it is about reaching your end goal. So, put on your favourite tunes, stay resilient, and let the laughter guide you to success. You’ve got this!