Members Stories – Ryan Hunter

Ryan Hunter

Hello, my name is Ryan and this is a little bit about my time at Gym64. I’ve trained at most gyms in the Kirkcaldy area over the years and I cannot believe it took me until last year to join Gym64 Kirkcaldy.

I joined Gym64 Kirkcaldy in 2022 at 114kg and now approaching Christmas 2023 I am now 87kg. Which equates to 27kg or 4 stone 3 pounds loss.

Why did you join Gym64 Kirkcaldy?

I joined just after summer 2022 because I was getting nowhere with my fitness goals and I needed new motivation. Gym64 was very welcoming and the staff were friendly and helpful when I enquired about joining.

How did Gym 64 help you reach your goals?

After joining I learned the gym offers a massive variety of ways to better yourself and to help set and achieve new goals. One thing that helped me massively is the health assessments with Personal Trainers – Kieran Matthew & Jimmy McLeary, this was included with my membership. This allowed me to get a clear insight into where my progress lay and gave me a new goal to reach in time for my next health assessment.

Another thing that Gym64 offered that helped me in this journey was the KMF bootcamp ran by my coach Kieran Matthew who is a personal trainer at Gym64 and this has pushed me to my limits since day 1. His Bootcamp runs exclusively to Gym64 and is held regularly throughout the year.

Why should other people join Gym64?

The gym is a good way to help relieve a lot of mental stress, this gym has had a massive impact on helping improve my mental health as well as my physical health and I don’t think I’d be in the position I’m in today if it wasn’t for Gym 64.

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