Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym

Joining a gym can be a slightly daunting task. There may be worries or queries that you have, and you may feel uncomfortable about asking them. At Gym64 we aim to be a welcoming and have a inclusive environment, our reception staff and fitness team at our Dunfermline Gym, Kirkcaldy Gym and Glenrothes Gym are on hand to reduce your anxiety, help you to reach your goals and ensure your questions are answered.

Help & Advice from Gym64

Gym64 will offer you a health assessment, gym programme and nutrition advice as part of your membership. When getting started at the Gym our fitness team will spend time with you discussing your current health and fitness situation, offer advice on nutrition and supplements and we can also create a personalised gym plan for you to follow. You will also spend some time on the gym floor being shown how the equipment works, how to adjust it and safe lifting techniques.

Gym64 has a large variety of exercise classes which are included in your membership. Group exercise is a fun and structured way to get started on your fitness journey as our fitness team will ensure each exercise is adapted to your individual needs and abilities. You will meet like-minded people and maybe even make some friends!

Advice on Clothing and Accessories

When you are getting started at the Gym all you really need is comfortable clothes, trainers and a water bottle! Headphones can be useful if you prefer listening to your own music or podcasts, and it can reduce distractions or worries that other people may be watching or judging you, which they aren’t because everyone will be too busy focusing on their own training.

You may see people with belts, straps or knee and elbow sleeves. None of this is necessary for new gym goers or casual exercises, get the basics first and worry about the accessories later!

Final Hints and Tips for Getting Started at the Gym

Bring a friend with you, having some company may help you feel more relaxed and confident.

Have an idea of what body parts or exercises you want to do before you come in, if you’re not sure how to plan a session ask a member of fitness team for advice.

If you are feeling a bit anxious or nervous, remember that everyone was new once and no one is judging you!