Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!

Spin Bikes Kirkcaldy

Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!

At Gym64 we are constantly finding ways to provide an up-to-date and exceptional experience for our members. Our spin studio has had a massive revamp… from 26 brand new spin bikes, brand new class names and being freshly painted to make your indoor group cycling experience the best in the area.

Let’s talk technology for a minute…

The power of data!

Data will allow you to track all your progress so you can visually see your fitness levels increase. It’s becoming more and more common for people to track their gym workouts using logbooks and apps on the gym floor to help them progress. We now offer this through our indoor cycling classes! At the download of an easy-to-use app, you can monitor all your efforts in classes and look back at them at your own pleasure. Apart from our expert instructors, we can’t think of a better motivational tool than using your own class data as motivation.

Download the easy-to-use app on both Apple and Andriod.

More technical things…

The app will allow you to perform a FTP (functional threshold power) test which is a fitness test to tailor each training effort zone to your individual needs. If it’s your first class or class 1000 for you, everyone will perform the same amount of effort no matter your group cycling experience or fitness level.

The app tracks your activity including wattage, RPM, distance and calories burned, this data allows you to view your group cycling progression and performance.

Read more about the App from Keiser!

At your local Gym in Fife, Gym64 Kirkcaldy offer 3 types of indoor cycling classes:

  • Power ride (30-minute-high intensity-based workout)
  • Rhythm ride (our signature 40/45-minute class where you will feel your endorphins skyrocket as your RPM matches the beat of the music)
  • Endurance ride (60-minute class based on intervals over a minute long to build cardiovascular fitness to withstand intervals for a longer duration).

Visit the Gym64 Classes page on our website to find out more.

During our classes that are focused on performance (Power and Endurance Ride) our instructors make this interactive and keep you engaged by using a group app on the projector screen to view RPM as an additional motivational tool. This will keep you accountable and continue improving your cycling capabilities ride by ride.

If you are interested in viewing the best time that suits you to join us for a class check out our online class timetable at

In Summary – New State Of The Art Spin Bikes at Kirkcaldy

Interactive group cycling and collecting data to monitor performance is something Gym64 Kirkcaldy is ahead of the game with. By attending these classes, watch your fitness skyrocket in a fun and interactive way! It’s time to take your fitness to the next level and book in for your next class today!

Book in by viewing our timetable online then calling 01592 646465 to book your space and our friendly reception team will be more than happy to help.