Gym64 is a Relic & Old School

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Gym64 is a Relic & Old School

Don’t you think Gym 64 is a RELIC, it’s OLD SCHOOL, and it’s LIVING IN THE PAST!

Commercial gym users don’t want to talk to anyone anymore, do they? 

They want to go to a Pure Gym or Gym Group facility where you don’t need to lift your head from the phone screen. They want to use apps to book things, key padded entry systems, and tiny wee pods that you stand in to gain access like something from Star Trek.

People don’t want to be greeted with a smile as they walk into the gym anymore.

They don’t want to have a chat with our friendly reception staff about how their day is going as they wait for their coffee, protein smoothie, or Superlean meal prep to be prepared for them.

In January when the Fife Gyms are filled with NEW MEMBERS, surely, they don’t want to have a conversation with one of our personal trainers and go through a Health Assessment, Gym Program, or personalised Nutrition appointment?

Although all of that is free, it could mean 2-4 appointments lasting 30 minutes each.

Yes, by attending these appointments members will be able to move into 2024 with confidence and structure, but people don’t want to talk to gym staff anymore, Do they?

Maybe the local authority gyms operated by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust such as Michael Woods in Glenrothes have a better way of doing things, they have people working on reception, but it’s often very hard to get through to speak to anyone. 

I play pickleball every week and getting through to a member of staff over the phone to book a court can be a nightmare. Just the other week I phoned a total of 11 times to book a court. Yes ELEVEN, and when I finally got through, I wasn’t exactly met with any welcoming enthusiasm.

  • ME – Can I book a pickleball court?
  • STAFF – Do you know we have an app for this? 
  • Me – yes but it’s very frustrating to use and not very user-friendly. 
  • Staff – I will book you this time, but you should really learn to use the app.
  • ME – OK thanks for your “friendly assistance”

Service like this has certainly encouraged me to spend a little more time working through their difficult-to-use app instead of picking up the phone to make a call

Gym64 is a relic; it is old school, and it is living in the past,

As unlike other commercial gyms, it places a massive emphasis on the highest standard of customer service. 

It’s something we feel we do better than anyone else. Members are taken care of and made to feel part of the family, which is how a family-owned business should be run.  

YES we have a high-tech app to conveniently book classes, But we also have a friendly voice at the end of the phone who can answer any question you may have 

YES, you will use your phone to gain entry to the gym, but you will be greeted with a hello from our reception team on the way in, and a goodbye on your way out. Not to mention they are available to help you with anything you need. 

AND YES, we will send you Health assessments, tailored Gym programs, and Nutrition advice to your email, but we will have face-to-face consultations and conversations with you first. Our highly qualified Personal trainers will make sure you fully understand the data that is being sent to you, so you can move forward in your fitness journey with confidence.

YES, Gym64 is looking to the future by using similar technologies as other commercial gyms in the area, but our values with regard to high-quality customer service will stay firmly in the past

And that’s how a family-owned business should be run.