Protein Supplements: The Key to Maximizing Muscle Growth and Recovery

Protein Supplements

Protein is an essential macronutrient that plays a crucial role in building and repairing tissues, including muscles. While it is possible to meet your protein needs through a well-balanced diet, protein supplements have gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and athletes for their convenience and potential benefits. In this blog post, we will explore protein supplements, […]

Staying Motivated at the Gym

Gym Motivation

Are you holding onto those New Years Resolutions in February? January has come and gone, and you’ve made the positive decision to join a gym. You were all about those “New Year, New Me” resolutions, feeling motivated and full of good intentions. But now, February has arrived, and those good intentions and that newfound enthusiasm […]

Cardio or Lifting Weights: Finding the Perfect Balance for Your Fitness Journey

Cardio or Lifting Weights

Cardio or Lifting Weights: Finding the Perfect Balance for Your Fitness Journey When it comes to fitness, the debate between cardio and lifting weights has long been a topic of discussion. While both forms of exercise offer unique benefits, finding the perfect balance between the two is key to achieving your fitness goals. In this […]

What Can Exercise Do For Your Mental Health?

Mental Health & Exercise

If you’re looking for something to improve your mental health, then I encourage you to read on to find out how training at Gym64 can have a profound impact on your state of mind. You may be wondering how exercise at the gym can positively affect your mental well-being. So, here’s a little breakdown. Engaging […]

Run Slow to Race Fast

Running Tips

Have you heard that you should run slow to race fast? The 80 / 20 rule? It is a common misconception that to improve our endurance capabilities; we must run as hard and fast as possible every time we lace up our trainers. Too many people make this common mistake, leading to increased injury risk […]

Getting Back to the Gym

Getting Back to the Gym

Are you worried about getting back to the gym? Most gym goers will at some point experience a period away from the gym. The reasons for that are many; illness, injury, life events or just getting out of the habit. If you decide to make a return, then you will have inevitably lost some condition […]

Nutrition for Strength Training

Nutrition in Strength Training

Nutrition plays a critical role in supporting your strength training efforts. Here are some key aspects to consider for optimal nutrition while strength training: Everyone’s nutritional needs may vary, so listening to your body and adjusting as needed is essential. Here at Gym64, as part of your membership, you can book a Nutritional Evaluation FREE […]

The Benefits of a Gym Programme

Gym Programme

What are the benefits of a Gym Programme? Here at Gym64 all members have health assessments, gym programme and nutrition evaluations included as part of their membership, the frequency of which are determined by whether you are a gold, silver or bronze member. Gold Members can book these in every 4 weeks, silver members every […]

Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym Joining a gym can be a slightly daunting task. There may be worries or queries that you have, and you may feel uncomfortable about asking them. At Gym64 we aim to be a welcoming and have a inclusive environment, our reception staff and fitness team at our Dunfermline Gym, Kirkcaldy […]

What is Powerlifting Training?

Powerlifting Training Fife

What is Powerlifting Training? Powerlifting is a strength sport that focuses on maximal strength in three functional compound movements: the squat, the bench press, and the Deadlift. Thinking of Competing in Powerlifting?  If you are considering competing for the first time, attend a local competition as a spectator or volunteer. Spectating or volunteering will give […]