Run Slow to Race Fast

Running Tips

Have you heard that you should run slow to race fast? The 80 / 20 rule? It is a common misconception that to improve our endurance capabilities; we must run as hard and fast as possible every time we lace up our trainers. Too many people make this common mistake, leading to increased injury risk […]

Hot Vinyasa Yoga at Gym64

Gym64 Kirkcaldy are delighted to launch our new class Hot Vinyasa Yoga with Michelle Galloway! What is Hot Vinyasa Yoga? Hot Vinyasa Yoga is a flow of constantly moving and flowing sequences of poses practiced in our pre-heated studio. The heat allows your body to stretch more deeply while focusing on working through breath, and […]

Get Much Much More in 2024 at Gym64

Get Much Much More in 2024 at Gym64 We promise in 2024 at Gym64 we will give our members much much more than everyone else! That’s why we are kicking off the new year with an offer for our members! Recommend your friend or family member to Gym64 this January and we’ll give you both […]

Les Mills Launch at Gym64 this January

Join us this January at Gym64 for our Les Mills launch events – allowing you to experience the brand new Les Mills releases! The perfect time to try these classes if you are new to group fitness as no one will know the choreography! (although we hope our instructors will know!) Feel the energy in […]

Members Stories – Ryan Hunter

Hello, my name is Ryan and this is a little bit about my time at Gym64. I’ve trained at most gyms in the Kirkcaldy area over the years and I cannot believe it took me until last year to join Gym64 Kirkcaldy. I joined Gym64 Kirkcaldy in 2022 at 114kg and now approaching Christmas 2023 […]

Why is Gym64 Different to Other Gyms?

Why is Gym64 Different to Other Gyms? Gym64 are a family-owned and run gym where our members are at the heart of everything we do. We offer a wide range of complementary services, which makes us stand out as the best gym in Fife. These services along with our community are what keep our members […]

Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym

Getting Started at the Gym Joining a gym can be a slightly daunting task. There may be worries or queries that you have, and you may feel uncomfortable about asking them. At Gym64 we aim to be a welcoming and have a inclusive environment, our reception staff and fitness team at our Dunfermline Gym, Kirkcaldy […]

What is Powerlifting Training?

Powerlifting Training Fife

What is Powerlifting Training? Powerlifting is a strength sport that focuses on maximal strength in three functional compound movements: the squat, the bench press, and the Deadlift. Thinking of Competing in Powerlifting?  If you are considering competing for the first time, attend a local competition as a spectator or volunteer. Spectating or volunteering will give […]

Group Fitness Classes

Gym64 Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes Here at Gym64 we have put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect timetable. We offer a wide variety of classes which include strength training, cardio training, core training, mixed martial arts, dance, flexibility training and so much more! We structure our gym timetable so that if you can […]

Gym64 is a Relic & Old School

Gym64 is a Relic & Old School Don’t you think Gym 64 is a RELIC, it’s OLD SCHOOL, and it’s LIVING IN THE PAST! Commercial gym users don’t want to talk to anyone anymore, do they?  They want to go to a Pure Gym or Gym Group facility where you don’t need to lift your head from the phone screen. They want to use […]